Saturday, September 1, 2012

50,000,000 Elgins!

In about 1951, after producing watches for 87 years, Elgin had produced 50,000,000 watches,  Quite an accomplishment!  And to commemorate it, Elgin created a special watch, in a limited edition of 1000, with serial numbers from 50000001 to 50001000. 

Unique 18K gold case with swinging, hooded lugs.  Unique hands, a gold plated movement, and all in a special sterling silver box.

This week, Matthew Vasko posted on Watch Talk Forums, on a thread I'd started about these watches.  Matt had inherited one of these, and didn't know what it was.  He posted pics, and I was STUNNED!  I asked if I could use them in my blog, and he graciously agreed.

It came in the original Reed and Barton Sterling Silver box, a bit tarnished from the years...

Inside is the original $500 price tag - the equivalent of $4,400 today!  The wood lining looks like teak!

 His watch is in almost AS NEW condition.  Look how sharp the edges are on the lugs, how unblemished the dial is, and how perfectly the center of the 'dp' logo falls right on the vertical cross hair.

Here's a side view, showing just how crisp and sharp the case is.  It's never been polished! 

The watch has its original Lord Elgin alligator band

...with its special, 18K gold buckle.

 Since the watch has not even been opened since it was bought, Matt is understandably reluctant to open the back to expose the gold plated movement, but as it turns out, last year I was able to obtain one of these movements, an orphan from a melted case.

Matt's watch may be the best preserved original example out there, unless someone bought one and put it in a safe without ever wearing it.  Wonderful watch, Matt!!


  1. Hi,

    Would you please call me regarding a question I have about dial variations for an Elgin 50,000,000th. I have one and based on my research there appears to be three different versions of the dial.

    Lance Daniel

  2. I inherited an Eigin pocket watch, looks like a 1907 18s grade 309. Have not had it opened yet and don't plan on trying it myself so the mystery as to it's age persists. wondering what it is worth; should I have it repaired? A bigger question. I also have the original box it came in. I have not been able to find a picture of it on the net. It is about 2" x 4" and covered in alligator skin. It is hinged with a press-button release to open. Would like to know if when these were used and how rare it is.